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Test Sockets and Adapters

For more than 25 Year E-tec Interconnect AG design, develop and manufacture with success, his own line of Test Sockets, Burn-in sockets, Debug and ATE sockets.
Thanks to our own production facility we aim to offer a solution to all your problems.

Our Mission statement:

Each customer has their own need and constraints. Space available, pitch, package or specific test each, all of this influence the test socket structure.

Your advantages:

- You can ask us for any kind of layout, in regular or totally irregular pitch, full populated or not, without extra cost.
- You can get adapted and customized test socket as you need.
- You’re not invoiced of any charges or any NRE for customization. (Only if you talk about tooling for custom injected socket).
- You have a very fast and efficient lead-time.
- You can have a special team for you, to get up to 3 working days on departure, even if it is for a custom design.

E-tec Interconnect propose you a lot of different Test Sockets with different options.

To find your need, please select, here down, what type of product what you will Test:

E-tec Interconnect

E-tec Interconnect AG
Friedhofstrasse 1
CH-2543 Lengnau


Email : info [ at ]  e-tec.com
Phone :  +41 32 654 15 50 
Fax :  +41 32 652 26 93 
Contact : Pablo Rodriguez

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